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Show the Perfect Amount of Detail with Dozens of Boundary Maps.

We have dozens of UK boundary maps available to show and hide at will. From our least detailed postcode area or regions maps up to the postcode sectors and various NHS boundaries, there is a level of detail for any delivery company.

A national sofa delivery company could use the postcode area or district map to price a delivery. On the other hand, a local pizza shop would prefer the sector map as they could price their deliveries minutely around specific areas of a city.

How to change your boundary map

If you already have a GB Maps account then you will need to upgrade your account before you can change maps. You can do this by clicking any of the upgrade buttons.

When you have access to this feature you will see the dropdown pictured above. All you need to do is click the dropdown, choose the map you want to show and then click change.

Any colouring your map had will be lost when you change the boundary map. So be sure you want to make the change.

You can use the advanced company mapping tool to display polygons, circles and drivetime polygons.

Drivetime polygons, also known as isochrones, show how far you can travel in every direction by road in a certain amount of time. Isochrones are specifically useful in cities like Newcastle or London where the river hinders progress in some directions.

Delivery companies, such as a pizza shop, that charge by how far their delivery driver needs to travel will find the concentric drivetime polygons invaluable. Once added, every postcode search will output which zone it's located in and the corresponding price.

Many companies report saving money and increasing sales by accurately charging their customers the correct delivery price.

How to add an isochrone to your map

Either right click where you want the polygon or use the buttons in the sidebar. You can then choose to add a single drivetime polygon or a concentric set.

Next fill out the modal that appears with the prices, names, colours and distances you want your polygons to show.

Once you click go the tool will add the polygons to your map. Any postcode search inside these ares will tell you the name of the zone and associated price.

Show Drivers, Customers or Distributors as Markers on your Map

Every delivery company will work differently. That's why we allow you to upload thousands of markers to your map. You can show your customers in one colour, delivery drivers in another and your warehouses in another. Our simple markers and marker key will quickly show you how your delivery setup is working across the country.

Many of our clients use these markers to analyze the locations of their salespeople and warehouses. Using the map can easily see which areas need further coverage and which are too tightly packed.

How to add markers to your map

To add a single marker either right click and select add marker or use the add single marker button in the sidebar. To add multiple markers choose the bulk upload markers button in the sidebar.

You can either paste in the postcode, colour, size and label or upload a CSV file. Both features work the same and will add all of your markers to the map.

When uploading a CSV file, the tool will try to guess which columns you want to use for each piece of data. Once you check this and hit confirm the markers will be added to your map.

Intelligent Postcode Search for Quick Pricing

When running a delivery company it's essential that you can find prices quickly and easily when talking to a potential customer. That's why our postcode search will not only show you it's exact location; it will also show the coloured zone it's in, the drivetime zone it's in and the closest marker to that location.

Using this bulk of information you can quickly identify the closest delivery driver, the price the customer will have to pay and much more.

Combine Polygons for New Delivery Targets or Zones

Using the combine polygons feature you can select multiple polygons from the background map and combine them together. This will show one solid polygon on the map in a different colour to the background map.

This feature is great for planning delivery zones for different delivery drivers. You can compare the the zone sizes and whether one overlaps another with ease.

To make sure you can see each combined polygon there is also a feature to alter the offset of each polygon individually.

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